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**Note: Liquid items consider as dangerous goods and its prohibited to ship from west Malaysia to east Malaysia. Bank charges of 3% or RM1.50 (whichever the higher) apply for refund upon request of cancellation.**


Brand: Mr.Hobby
This product quickly dissolves paint stains on airbrushes, brushes, paint trays, spare bottles, etc. Keeping your tools clean is the best way to become a better modeler...
RM45.00 Ex Tax:RM45.00
Brand: Mr.Hobby
Detail:This product is a replenishing agent for restoring Mr.Color that has higher viscosity or is dried in a bottle. Since coating resin that is not included in the Mr.Color thinner is included,the original performance of paint is restored...
RM35.00 Ex Tax:RM35.00
Brand: Mr.Hobby
Detail:Mr.RETARDER MILD is an agent for retarding the drying of Mr.COLOR paints and eliminating lumps in brush-painted surfaces. In addition , it also greatly improves the evenness of the Mr.COLOR paint film and thus dramatically increase luster.How To Use・ With a brush1.Add approx.10% Mr.RETARDER M..
RM12.00 Ex Tax:RM12.00
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