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**Note: Liquid items consider as dangerous goods and its prohibited to ship from west Malaysia to east Malaysia. Bank charges of 3% or RM1.50 (whichever the higher) apply for refund upon request of cancellation.**

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Brand: Bandai
Box Choices242 - Gundam Astray Gold Frame243 - Hyakushiki-Kai244 - M.P.T Hyakushiki-Kai245 - Akatsuki Gundam246 - Shining Gundam..
RM30.00 Ex Tax:RM30.00
Brand: Bandai
Note:- Photos are just for informational purpose only, products shown in the photo has been professionally painted. Actual product may differ.- Please note that plastic model kits need to self assembly...
RM28.00 Ex Tax:RM28.00
Brand: Bandai
Box Choices:(1) - Shinchan Pajama(2) - Shinchan Oshiri(3) - Himawari(4) - Buriburizaemon(5) - Waniyamasan(6) - Nenechanusagi(7) - Shinchan Rakugaki(8) - Shiro..
RM18.00 Ex Tax:RM18.00
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