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Trading Figures

Brand: Bandai
*Note:- Price shown is for 1 character.- The item is in blind box which only allow us to sell in random pick basis.- No exchange for the item sold.*  ..
RM40.00 Ex Tax:RM40.00
Brand: Bandai
Box Line Up:(A) - Mash Kyrielight(B) - Gilgamesh(C) - Merlin(D) - Ishtar(E) - Anna..
RM35.00 Ex Tax:RM35.00
Brand: Bandai
Please refer to the image for the box option...
RM65.00 Ex Tax:RM65.00
Brand: Bandai
You may choose the available character in the option or able to buy in set...
RM32.00 Ex Tax:RM32.00
Brand: Bandai
6 types choices of colored figures: 1. Edward Newgate2. Nami3. Joro Zoro4. Shanks5. Portgas D. Ace6. Luffy Taro..
RM28.00 Ex Tax:RM28.00
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