Item Description
Name: Bandai One Piece ONE PI NO MI VOL.12
Price: RM 25 per capsule


*Note: Capsule Toys only available in our shop, not available to purchase through our website.*

*Below are the available Capsule Toys at our shop now*




Q: How to purchase Capsule Toys?

A: You will need to purchase few Token at our shop. (Each Capsule Toys require different amount of Token)


Q: How much for a Token?

A: 1 Token=RM 5


Q: How it works?

A: Capsule Toys is random basis and it's draw out from a Capsule Machine per round which only available at our shop. You need to identify how much token needed for the capsule toys and purchase the amount of token from our shop to start drawing from the capsule machine.

Different type of Capsule Toys on each Capsule Machine Capsule Machine Put the required Token accordingly and turn the handle clockwise to get the Capsule Toys